Buckling Floors In Easley

Crawl Space Repair in Thomeland Park, SC

Date Called: 8/11/21

Town: Easley

Why did they call: Homeowner called because he was experiencing buckling floors in his kitchen. He also noticed that the sill underneath his back door was rotted and causing issues with the door frame.

What did we find: During our assessment we discovered that the crawlspace had extensive moisture issues. The moisture caused significant damage to the structural integrity of the home. The damaged areas included one joist, one rim joist, a large portion of subfloor, and a double girder. We also found that the structure underneath the bay window was not supported properly.

What did we do: In order to correct the structural issues we sistered a new joist to the damaged one and treated the old joist to prevent further issues. We also removed and replaced the damaged rim joist, the damaged subfloor, and the double girder. Our workers also installed a new beam underneath the bay window to ensure adequate support. The customer also asked us to install a 12 mil liner, seal the vents, re-seal the ductwork, install a dehumidifier, re-mortar areas of the brick on the outside of the home  and reroute the downspouts. We did all of this in an effort to prevent further moisture issues from affecting the crawlspace.