Crawl Space Encapsulation in Taylors, SC

If you own a home with a crawl space, you know that the crawl space serves a purpose, but it can also invite problems with your home. Let the professionals at the Wood Rescue Team be your solution for crawl space encapsulation in Taylors, SC…we can help make your crawl space healthier, reduce pest infestations, and protect the foundation of your home. At Wood Rescue Team, we focus on craftsmanship in our work, and we focus on making homes healthier for residents in the Taylors region. Contact us today for a free assessment.

Crawl spaces are added to homes for a variety of cost-saving reasons, and in many cases, they are insufficiently constructed and can cause a variety of problems. If humidity and moisture build up in a crawl space, especially in the summer months, it can become a haven for pest infestations, mold, and structural damage. If your home’s crawl space had a simple and cheap vapor barrier placed loosely over the ground, there’s a good chance you may already be experiencing troubles.

Our crawl space encapsulation services include lining the floor and walls of the space with a much stronger vapor barrier material, designed to keep the humidity and moisture out. It also includes adding insulation to create thermal resistance as needed, and adding a dehumidifier to the space.

The crawl space encapsulation process is designed to protect your home and residents from numerous problems that go with crawl spaces…and it also adds resale value to your home. It’s well worth the investment…and if you need to get the job done now, we offer financing options through our partners at Hearth, so that you can do what’s necessary for your home.

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Don’t wait for your crawl space problems to grow worse and become a structural and foundation problem in your home. Trust the local professionals who specialize in correcting crawl space problems throughout Upstate South Carolina. Reach out to the Wood Rescue Team today for an assessment, and let us be your choice for crawl space encapsulation in Taylors!