Crawl Space Repair in Abbeville, SC

Are you starting to notice problems in your home or place of business, such as squeaky spots in floors, unusual odors, or failing gutters? These could be caused by a crawl space problem, and need to be addressed. Reach out to the team at Wood Rescue – we’re here to be your solution for crawl space repair in Abbeville, SC! Our specialty is in wood rot and moisture problems, and we can restore your crawl space to a healthier state, perform structural repairs, and remediate mold and water problems on your property.

In our region, crawl spaces are popular and serve multiple functions. They allow for easy installation and service of utility pipes and cables, and enable easier renovations. Crawl spaces are also helpful in keeping homes elevated in flood prone areas. But despite their function, crawl spaces can be the source of headaches for a homeowner too…especially if they are not inspected and maintained on a consistent basis. If your crawl space was built with a simple Vapor Barrier laid on the ground, for example, it will ultimately fail to keep moisture out.

The symptoms that you’re experiencing could be signs of a greater problem. Excess moisture and standing water in a crawl space makes it a haven for pests, vermin, and bacteria. Moisture in a crawl space can ultimately rise up into a floor and create mold spores in living spaces. Something as simple as an air conditioning duct failure can create a vacuum that sucks up bacteria and mold and blows it into a home.

Your Abbeville Crawl Space Repair Professionals

It’s important for you to take care of your crawl space concerns before they turn into bigger problems, including structural problems and health concerns. Wood Rescue is here to help! We’ll fully and carefully inspect your crawl space, identify any growing problems, and provide you a detailed water map with areas of concern. If your crawl space problem has caused damage in your home, we’ll help to restore its health with mold remediation services, water mitigation, structural wood repairs and more.

If you’re seeing trouble spots and other symptoms of crawl space problems in your home, don’t wait…call on the team at Wood Rescue today or request a free estimate online here. We’ll be happy to show you what makes us the premier choice for crawl space repair in Abbeville – we’ll keep your crawl space dry and your home in healthy condition!