Crawl Space Repair in Belton, SC

The Wood Rescue Team is the professional and experienced answer to your search for crawl space repair in Belton, SC! We have an office right here in your town, and we offer multiple crawl space services to fix problems caused by moisture, mold, and wood rot. We are dedicated to making your home safer, through expert inspection and repair work.

Crawl spaces, if well maintained, perform multiple useful functions. They make it easier to access utility pipes and cables for repairs, keep homes elevated in areas of high flooding, and make renovations easier and more affordable. But your crawl space should be checked and monitored on a frequent basis for moisture…if left unchecked, moisture can cause expensive damage to a home.

Moisture attracts mold, vermin, and bacteria, all of which can cause problems…odors, gasses and mold spores can grow and infest your flooring and insulation, and rotting wood can cause serious structural problems. In addition, mold in your home can become a serious health risk. If you have a simple vapor barrier placed loosely on the ground as many homes do, it won’t provide sufficient protection…vapor barriers can fail and result in additional cleanup.

If you haven’t scheduled a crawl space inspection recently, and you’re noticing an odd smell, a damaged vent or an overflowing gutter, you may have a growing crawl space problem. We can fully assess the state of your crawl space and show you a water map with detailed locations of trouble spots. If you do have excess moisture or mold, we can help rid your crawl space of it before it causes greater problems.

Don’t brush off the musty odor or the squeaky spots in your floor. Let Wood Rescue Team evaluate your crawl space and take any needed action. We’ll clear your crawl space of excess moisture, fix any rotting wood, provide needed mold remediation with our modern equipment, and paint over any rotting and unsightly wood exteriors.

We can address the problems in your home, and assist you with any financing you need through our partners at Hearth…if you don’t have the funds to make the needed repairs now, we can make it possible for you through a financing plan that your budget can afford.

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