Crawl Space Repair in Clinton, SC

If you’re seeing problems in your home such as failing gutters or squeaky spots in your floor, or if you’re noticing unusual odors, it may be signs of a crawl space problem. Don’t let the problem grow worse…reach out to the professionals at Wood Rescue Team. We’re the answer to your search for crawl space repair in Clinton, SC…we handle your crawl space inspection, structural wood repairs, remediating mold, dehumidifying spaces and much more.

In our area of the U.S., crawl spaces are popular in homes. They allow for easier renovations, keep homes in flood areas elevated, and enable easy access to utility pipes and cables making for easy installation and repairs. Crawl spaces serve several helpful functions, but they can also be a source of headaches for a homeowner if not inspected regularly or maintained properly. In many modern crawl spaces, a simple Vapor Barrier is laid over the ground, which is ineffective in keeping moisture out in the long term.

The problems you’re seeing and smelling could be a sign of problems in your crawl space that needs to be addressed. Moist and wet crawl spaces become havens for mold, bacteria and vermin, and can cause mold spores and moisture to rise into living spaces. Even something simple such as an air conditioning duct failure can blow unhealthy bacteria-filled air to blow into a home.

Your Clinton Regional Crawl Space Repair Professionals

Don’t allow your crawl space problems to grow and cause damage and health hazards in your home. Let Wood Rescue Team take on the problem for you. We carefully inspect your crawl space, find the growing problems, and show you a water map with all of the details of where problem areas are. If your crawl space problems have caused damage, we can help restore your home back to health…we handle structural wood repairs, water mitigation, mold remediation and much more.

Don’t wait for small crawl space problems to become bigger ones or cause expensive damage in your Clinton home. Contact the pros at Wood Rescue today, or request a free estimate online here. See why we’re your solution for crawl space repair in Clinton – we’ll help restore your home’s health and keep it safe for the future!