Crawl Space Repair in Greenville, SC

Don’t let rot, mold or excess moisture in your crawl space cause damage to your home – let Wood Rescue Team be your solution for crawl space repair in Greenville, SC! From our two locations nearby in Taylors and Belton, we specialize in solving mold and water problems in your home. We’re focused on craftsmanship with every job, and we’re happy to share our expertise with our neighbors in the Greenville area.

Our Greenville Crawl Space Repair Services

Reach out to us for a variety of crawl space repair services and more in your Greenville home:

Crawl Space Repair – If you have excess moisture in your crawl space, it can be a haven for mold, bacteria or worse. The result is odor and moisture getting into your flooring and living spaces. Let us completely assess your crawl space, provide you with our specialized “water map”, and enable you to make the best decisions to repair your crawl space and keep your home healthy.

Structural Wood Repairs – We work alongside structural engineers and code enforcement professionals throughout the state, to make our structural repairs the best in the area. We can accurately diagnose your crawl space issues, and thoroughly inspect your wood to see what needs repairing. We’ll explain to you where the problems are, and repair your wood problems at a fair price.

Exterior Home Painting – Don’t let unsightly rot grow larger on the outside of your home – it’s not just an eyesore, it’s an open invitation for mold and pests. We employ a professional painter that can give your exterior a brand new, safer, and much more inviting look!

Water Mitigation – Water and rot go hand in hand, and moisture can come from a variety of sources. We offer multiple solutions for water mitigation, including vapor barriers and humidifiers. If you are having a problem with standing water in your home after heavy rains, we can install a sump pump in your home as well.

Mold Removal – If you are smelling mold in your home (a musty or mushroom smell), don’t wait. Mold is a potentially serious health risk. Our IICRC-certified team is dedicated to removing and eradicating mold from your crawl space and making your home safer.

Can’t pay for your crawl space services today? No problem! We work with you and your budget with several financing options through Hearth. Click here to see personalized payment options in minutes…no prepayment penalties and no home equity required. Let us help you address your wood rot and home repair concerns now.

Get started today improving your home’s health – Wood Rescue Team is the answer to your search for crawl space repair in Greenville. Click here to request your free assessment today!