Crawl Space Repair in Piedmont, SC

If you’re experiencing unusual problems in your home, such as gutters not working, strange odors, or squeaky spots in your floor, it’s time to call crawl space experts. Contact Wood Rescue Team today – we’re your professional choice for crawl space repair in Piedmont, SC! We serve the entire region with top notch structural carpentry, mold remediation, solving water and moisture problems, and restoring crawl spaces to a healthy state again.

In the Upstate South Carolina area, crawl spaces are popular in homes. They elevate homes in flood prone areas, allow easy access for utilities and cables, and ultimately can make renovations easier. But crawl spaces require care, and can become a problem if they aren’t inspected and maintained on a regular basis. In many modern homes, crawl spaces have a simple vapor barrier placed over the ground, which ultimately becomes ineffective at keeping moisture out.

Squeaky spots and unusual odors in your home could result from a serious crawl space problem. Excess water and moisture in crawl spaces make it a haven for mold, bacteria and even vermin. The gases and mold spores can rise up into a home’s flooring and insulation, and become a health concern…even your air conditioner can literally suck the bacteria up and blow it into your home.

Your Piedmont Crawl Space Repair Experts

Crawl space problems are more than just a nuisance; they can cause structural damage to your home and create health risks. Let the Wood Rescue Team take on the problem; we can fully inspect your crawl space and provide you a full assessment, with a water map detailing the trouble spots. We can spot any small problems before they become bigger ones, and if you have a major problem, we can remedy the problem with mold remediation, structural wood repairs, water mitigation and much more.

If you have crawl space concerns of any kind, don’t wait! Reach out to Wood Rescue Team today…we’re the answer to your search for crawl space repair in Piedmont! Our Belton location is just minutes away from you, and we’re ready to restore your crawl space back to health. Click here to request a free estimate today!