Crawl Space Repair in Travelers Rest, SC

Are you seeing problems in your home or place of business, like unusual odors, squeaky spots in floors, or failing gutters? If so, chances are good that you have a crawl space problem…reach out to the Wood Rescue Team for an inspection. We are your established choice for crawl space repair in Travelers Rest, SC…we are professionals in detecting and correcting structural wood problems, mold and standing water, and in bringing your crawl space back to health.

In Upstate South Carolina, crawl spaces are built into many homes for a number of reasons…they make for easier access to utility pipes and cables, and can make renovations of a home easier as well. A crawl space can also keep a structure elevated in the event of a flood. However, crawl spaces can bring their own set of potential problems too…especially if not checked and maintained on a regular basis. Many modern crawl spaces in the region have had a simple Vapor Barrier laid over the ground that can become ineffective at preventing moisture.

If you feel squeaking when you walk on your floor or notice musty odors, it could be a serious crawl space problem. Excess moisture in crawl spaces lead to mold, bacteria and vermin, which in turn can infest a home’s living spaces. Your air conditioner can even become like a vacuum with a duct failure…it can suck the bacteria up and blow it into your home.

Your Travelers Rest Crawl Space Repair Professionals

Don’t let crawl space problems result in larger structural problems and potential health hazards. Call on the Wood Rescue Team…we’ll fully inspect your crawl space for problems large and small, and we’ll show you a detailed water map of your trouble spots. If the problems we find are serious and need to be addressed quickly, we’ll handle the water mitigation, mold remediation, structural wood repairs and anything else needed.

Take care of your crawl space and your Travelers Rest home’s health now…contact us today or use our online form to request a free estimate. We’re the answer to your search for crawl space repair in Travelers Rest – we’ll keep your crawl space dry and your home safe!