Crawl Space Repair in Woodruff, SC

At Wood Rescue Team, we’re the answer to your search for crawl space repair in Woodruff, SC! We’re based just minutes away from you, and we offer a variety of services to address mold, moisture and rot in your crawl space. We are committed to quality on every project, and to making your Woodruff home a safe place to be.

Crawl spaces are popular in homes for multiple reasons, including affordability, making renovations easier, and to elevate homes in flood prone areas. In addition, a crawl space allows for easy access to utility pipes and cables. A crawl space serves an important function, but excess moisture in crawl spaces can be damaging and unhealthy.

Have you had your crawl space inspected recently? If you haven’t, and you’ve noticed things like a slight odor, a squeaky spot, a damaged vent or poorly performing gutters, these can all be signs of a serious crawl space problem. When you call on Wood Rescue Team, we can give your crawl space a full assessment, along with a water map showing you any potential problems and trouble spots, and we help you address small issues before they become bigger ones.

Moisture in your crawl space invites mold, bacteria and vermin, which in turn causes odors, gasses and mold spores to get into your home’s insulation, flooring and living space. If your only protection in your crawl space is a simple vapor barrier placed loosely over the ground, it’s likely to fail and invite problems.

Mold and moisture in your home can become a serious health risk. If you are noticing musty odors or seeing moisture, reach out to us to evaluate your situation and take the best course of action. We can help remove the moisture, fix structural wood problems, remediate mold, paint over rotting wood exteriors, and help make your home safer.

If you’re not sure you can afford to address your home problems now, ask us about our affordable financing through our partners at Hearth. We can help you have your repairs done when you need them, with a payment plan your budget can afford.

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