Crawlspace Moisture In Greer

Crawlspace Moisture In Greer

Date Called: 4/6/22

Town: Greer

Why Did They Call: The homeowner called due to creaking floors and a history of crawlspace moisture in the home.

What Did We Find: During our assessment, we found standing water at the perimeter walls of crawlspace as well as in the front of the crawlspace. Five twisted joists were found beneath the creaking area of the floor and 3 sections of the girder (primary support beam of the house) did not have joists resting atop supporting piers which is not structurally correct. A dusting of mold was also discovered throughout the crawlspace.

What We Did: We installed girder and joists to ensure structural stability. We then installed a 10mil vapor barrier, with the seams taped and staked to the ground to ensure no movement. We also installed a sump pump to prevent standing water during heavy rain. We performed a mold treatment to kill the active mold in the crawlspace. To help the homeowner conveniently monitor the moisture in the crawlspace, we installed a humidity monitor, that will allow the homeowner to catch any future issues before they become problems.