Crawlspace Vapor Barrier in Clemson

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier in Clemson

Date Called: 4/18/22

Town: Clemson

Why Did They Call: The homeowner called asking for an assessment of the vapor barrier in the crawlspace of the home.

What Did We Find: During our assessment we found no vapor barrier in the crawlspace. The moisture readings were 17% at the front of the crawlspace and 19% in the center of the crawlspace.

What Did We Do: In order to prevent any moisture damage, we installed a 10mil vapor barrier taped at the seams and staked to the ground to ensure no movement. The barrier was rolled up at the wall and at the piers to prevent moisture from coming up and over. We sealed off the vents in the crawlspace with spray foam to prevent outside air from coming in and installed a dehumidifier in the crawlspace with its own dedicated outlet.