Mold and Moisture in Greer

Mold and Moisture in Greer

Date Called: 11/10/21

Town: Greer

Why did they call: Homeowner reached out after a termite inspection, where they found mold, moisture issues, and a broken sump pump.

What did we find: During our assessment we discovered that the existing sump-pump was failing due to incorrect installation as well as mud and debris blocking the basin. Our client advisor also found mold growth on the structure of the crawlspace. Finally our client advisor determined that the moisture issues were originating from old/damaged gutters along 3 sides of the home.

What did we do: In order to remedy these issues, we installed new 6in gutters and downspouts on 3 sides of the home. Our workers cleaned out the sump pump basin and installed a proper gravel base. A 8 mil vapor barrier was installed to help prevent future moisture issues. Lastly we sprayed the structure in order to kill the mold growth.