Squeaking Floors In Simpsonville

Crawl Space Repair in Thomeland Park, SC

Date Called: 4/11/22

Town: Simpsonville

Why Did They Call: The homeowner called due to squeaking floors in the home during winter months.

What Did We Find: During assessment, we found moisture levels of 12% with light fungal growth and limited ventilation. A 6 mil vapor barrier was present, however, 6 mil vapor barriers are usually made of recycled plastic and can deteriorate after time from bacteria in the soil.

What Did We Do: In order to remedy the current moisture in the crawl space and prevent future moisture, we removed the current 6 mil vapor barrier and installed a 10 mil vapor barrier, which was taped at the seams and staked to the ground to avoid movement. The barrier was rolled at the edges to keep movement from coming onto the liner. We sealed the vents with spray foam to prevent outside air form coming in and installed a dehumidifier with a dedicated outlet in the crawlspace. We also fogged the crawlspace with antimicrobial fungicide to kill any mold that was currently growing in the crawlspace.