Termite Damage In Six Mile

Termite Damage In Six Mile

Date Called: 9/13/21

Town: Six Mile

Why did they call: Homeowner found termite damage to the center joist in his crawl space. He was also interested in learning about encapsulation options to prevent future issues.

What did we find: Upon our inspection we found that the center girder did in fact have extensive termite damage. We also found that several joists at the rear front, front left, and front center of the crawlspace had termite damage as well. During the inspection we also found that the support beams were being used to bear the weight of the joists but the joists themselves were not attached to the rim joists or girders. This was a major structural issue that was also causing the floors to bounce and deflate. Other issues that were discovered upon this inspection were, stone piers that were not up to code, two sections of interior framing that needed to be replaced, and support posts that were rotten.

What we did: We removed and replaced the center girder and the damaged joists. We secured the joists to the rim joist and girder, then reinstalled the support beam in the correct place. Our workers also installed poured footers and 6×6 piers to make sure the beam had the proper support. We removed and replaced the damaged interior framing as well as the support posts. The stone piers were removed and replaced with the correct supports. Finally we installed a 10 mil liner, a professional grade dehumidifier and sealed the vents in order to prevent future issues.