Upstate South Carolina Mold Removal

Upstate South Carolina Mold Removal

Wood Rescue Team, part of the Rescue Team Solutions family, is happy to help solve your mold and water issues as well.  

Mold Rescue Team is dedicated to eradicating mold from your crawl space.

Mold is typically found in very wet environments right alongside wood rot and other damage. It is not often that you find one without the other.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), if you see or smell mold (a musty or mushroom odor) there is potentially serious health risk and it is best to hire a professional to address and remove the problem. Mold Rescue Team members are IICRC Certified in everything from mold and sanitation to crime scene clean-up. Let our experts help you today!

If you are seeing or smelling mold or noticing musty smells in your home, don’t wait and risk health problems. Time is not on your side, call today!