Upstate South Carolina Structural Wood Repairs

The Wood Rescue Team has worked alongside structural engineers and code enforcement throughout the state of South Carolina, to ensure that our structural repairs are the best in the industry. Our Assessors are trained in following the path of water on your property (the source of 95% of crawl space damage) and able to accurately diagnose structural crawl space concerns.

(See our Water Mitigation Section for more about water damage to crawl spaces)

If you are in need of structural wood repairs in your upstate South Carolina home, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Reach out to Wood Rescue today and for a free assessment, and we will thoroughly inspect your wood and explain to you what needs to be done to repair it. We will supply you with a written estimate with a water map explaining where the problems are, and can repair your structural wood problems at a fair price.

Exterior Door RepairExterior Door Replacement

Beautiful Front Door, Patio Door and Side Door Replacement throughout upstate South Carolina

Replacing your front door is a big decision. Whether this replacement is due to rot, weather damage or another issue – your front door says a lot about your home and has an immediate impact on your curb appeal and subsequent real estate value.

Wood Rescue Team offers custom entry doors, built to suit a variety of budgets.

Why custom? Most people think of custom entry doors as a solution for grand homes, new construction, or large renovations. While these are all great reasons to consider a custom entry door, it leaves out a large part of the community who also need custom doors.

In older homes, like with many of the historic homes of upstate South Carolina, a custom entry door is typically a better fit to replace existing doors. In these situations we are typically replacing an original door that was built on the jobsite, often in a size that isn’t available as a ‘standard’ pre-built door.


Reach out to Wood Rescue Team today and find out more about how we can replace your existing door with a beautiful and solidly constructed new door. We’ll evaluate your front door space and install a door that is ideal for your home!