Water Damage Rot In Belton

Water Damage Rot In Belton

Date Called: 7/22/21

Town: Belton

Why did they call: Homeowner discovered that multiple boards and sills, in his crawl space, had rot due to water damage.

What did we find: During our assessment we discovered that multiple floor joists were cracked causing the interior floor to sag in places. We also found that 2 girders were compromised due to dry rot and one rim joist had moisture damage. The sill plate underneath was also damaged and the center girder did not have enough piers to support the load. Parts of the subfloor and wall framing were also damaged. Finally our client advisor found mold growth on the wooden structure.

What did we do: In order to correct these issues, we sistered new boards onto the floor joists, removed and replaced the girders, removed and replaced the rim joist and removed and replaced the sill plate. We also installed additional block piers under the center girder to provide more support. Additionally we reinforced the subfloor, sistered boards onto the damaged wall framing, installed 2 extra support beams, and completed a mold treatment of the entire crawlspace.